Mamselle Salute

Mamselle Exclusive Salute Mini 2016

Mamselle's stats, free to download.  Mamselle can be used in our Victorian Steam Punk Gothic game, Empire of the Dead.

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Empire of the Dead Main rule book - £10 RRP download

Empire of the Dead Requiem Supplement for Empire of the Dead - £10 RRP download

War machines Rules Supplement for Empire of the Dead - FREE
(Includes rules for Empire of the Dead - Penny Gatling, Hansom Tank, HMS Gladstone and Disraeli, Twin Linked Gatling Gun and Turret Conversions)

Ruined Britannia - Secrets of the Third Reich Supplement - FREE
(Rules Supplement to play 'The Temple' Scenario - See Secrets of the Third Reich Miniatures Section to acquire the superb minis set to play this scenario)


Two German Squads Painted by Michal Rynkiewicz

Release Incursion Characters



Ruined Britannia – The Battle for Britain’s Soul

On the British home front, we give you a first glimpse of the struggle going on in the ruins of London for the soul of the United Kingdom between the dark and Machiavellian agents of the Temple and the grim warriors of the MI-13.  While both fight for the survival of the England, they have very different visions of her future.  
Ruined Britannia brings a vision of a war ravage Kingdom, which is far from united in its approaches to the war...  Containing orders of Battle are suited to the desperate battle that rages through both the green and pleasant lands, and the dark satanic mills that constitute the war for Britain’s Soul in addition to scenarios and a mini-campaign covering the creeping advances of the Decima. 


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West Wind/Forged in Battle will be at the remaining Shows in 2017



The Other Partizan, Nottingham

Sunday 20th August

Colours, Newbury

Saturday 16th September

Derby Worlds

Saturday 7th/Sunday 8th October

Crisis, Belgium

Saturday 4th November

Warfare, Reading

Saturday18th/Sunday 19th November

Recon, Leeds

Saturday 2nd December