Jotun Panzer Mech
PZM-04 Stug Mecha
PZM-06 Terrier
PZM-11 Panzerkampfrad
Tesla Canon
COTD-11 Steam Canon
BOTD-23 The Rat Swarm
BOTD-24 The Ratlanders
COTD-39 King Rat

We are please to announce

west wind will be at the following wargames shows in 2021!

The Other Partizan
Sunday 10th October
George Stephenson Hall, Neward Showground
Saturday 13th November
Excel London
Sat 27th & Sun 28th November
Ascot Racecourse

For pre-orders to collect at the Show please email:-


See you there!
West Wind Team

PzM-03 Tecumesh Mech

The Tecumesh Mech is essentially an up gunned replacement for the earlier Big Chief mech. Designed and built by Ensign Albrect Locomotive.
The M4 Tecumesh features many refined details of production - shape, strength, with vastly improved performance. 

PzM-07 Akuma JuMech 
Based on the lithe movement and posture of the fearsome Kaiju, combined with the most advanced Unit 731 technology, the Japanese are certainly surging forward with their advances in Mecha technology.

This figure can be used to play the FREE PDF Ratlanders Scenario