• Limited Edition 4

Empire of the Dead Rulebook + Free Limited Edition Professor Erazmus and Free Limited Edition Butler, The Gentlemen's Club Starter Set, Vampire Clan Starter Set, Werewolf Pack Starter Set and The Brotherhood Starter Set

The streets are a battleground, the forces of good and evil locked in a hidden battle for power, money and their own traditions. This is the Empire of the Dead. With this boxed set you have control of the four main factions fighting over the very fate of the world. Vampires, werewolves, religious zealots and the scheming men of the Gentlemen's Club are all yours to control in a battle for the hearts, minds and souls of men. To accompany the rulebook we have a FREE Limited Edition miniature of the imfamous Professor Erazmus and The Butler. These will ship with all orders placed directly on the West Wind Productions website.

FREE Limited Edition 'Professor Erazmus'
There are few inventions that cannot be traced in some way back to the brilliance of Professor Erazmus. An expert in manipulating Infernium it is no surprise that factions of all hues will stop at nothing to secure his services or prevent his knowledge falling into the hands of their enemies.

FREE Limited Edition 'The Butler'
Silent, obedient and tirelessly dedicated; that is the recipe for the perfect servant. An Infernium powered automaton, The Butler offers all of these traits without ever asking for a day off. Yet inside his mechanical mind something sinister is stirring. Are these wonders of the modern age the subservient innocent contraptions the advertisements would have you believe?

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Limited Edition 4

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